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The world isn't just the way it is. It is how we understand it, no?

And in understanding something, we bring something to it, no?
Doesn't that make life a story?

- Yann Martel, Life of Pi

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian - Sherman Alexie, Ellen Forney What do I know about the life of a reserve Indian? Here's a big fat nada to answer that question. So this book is a both a funny and heartbreaking view into this world.

Junior explains his predicament in a fairly straight-forward and honest way, if tending towards blending the harshness with a screen of humour. It can be seen as a sort of survivor's technique and coping mechanism, because how else can you escape the depression and hopelessness that blankets the inhabitants of a reservation? Taking the things he says at face-value, like the rampant alcoholism and surety of living your whole life where you were born can really break your heart. But Junior brings a lightness with detailed and exaggerated drawings about his observations of the people and situations surrounding him.

This is a book that everyone should read: come to open your eyes and learn a couple things, stay for the laughs, the tears and the story.