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The world isn't just the way it is. It is how we understand it, no?

And in understanding something, we bring something to it, no?
Doesn't that make life a story?

- Yann Martel, Life of Pi

Just Lather That's All - Hernando Téllez It's funny what sticks in your head. I read this back in high school for English class, where I knew it as "Lather, and Nothing Else" and it's a short story that I continue to remember to this day like no other. I don't remember exactly what grade it was (maybe 9 or 10). I don't remember what teacher I had. I remember that this was the first story we read as a part of our Short Story unit. I remember that for our assignment, we had to write our versions of what happens after the end of the story and I remember writing about the barber attacking and killing Torres, then escaping out the back of the shop though I think I would write a different ending now. I like that this is a story that makes you think, and writes questions about trust and humanity in so few words.